A vacation long awaited

The following post is part of long series based on my trip to home.

After a long time of six months , I am going tommorow to my home.

Packing done? The excitement of going home can't be seen in me , Neelima said.

I don't know why it was , lot has been going in my mind probably due to future worries about carrier. This is not typical me , normally I don't take much tension for anything.

Packing yes almost done rest I would complete tonight , I replied and again was lost in the work.

Neelima is the most humble person in our team of 60 , she can be considered as F1 key for people like me. Moment you call her for any thing she reach your cubicle without slightest of noise , which can tell you her presence. And then again when you turn around to call second time , much to your embarasment to know she is standing right behind you since long... such is the magical Neelima , a girl with magical stick for all your queries.

I completed my work , analysis of three tasks allocated to our team and one of task about snmp agent given by surya. Before leaving I told salma about all facts about prontos and for snmp enquired hanumantha , as most of time these guys talk in telgu which I don't pick. Anyways English translation I got from him and showed my findings to Vishi before leaving for the day

My last day in office before vacations was over...as clock face was smiling at 6:40 :)

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