How to get Wunderlist list of all tasks in different lists

Wunderlist has become my default task management tool.

I was looking for a way to see on a single page the list of all tasks, in the all the lists.

After lot of searching, I found a way inside Mac application of Wunderlist.

If you want to see list of all tasks on Mac (might be in other OS also)

  • Click Open preferences
  • Click on Smart List
  • Check the option next to ALL and make it Auto
  • Save and then you should see list of all tasks inside the menu option All

How to prettify JSON in VS Code Editor

I have been using VS code editor from 1 month now. I am big fan of it and now it has become the default editor for me.

Here is a tip if you want to prettify son in VS code.

Download the extension Prettify JSON

Install and Reload the editor

From the Command Palette, type Prettify JSON and hit enter

If you have JSON in your editor, it would shown now in pretty format.

Enjoy using VS Code