Life lessons from Sports


Year 1997-1998


It was free period and our sports coach KP Singh was told to take our class. He was like backup of absent teachers and most of the time free periods were given to him in all classes. Since most of the time we were present in ground so we were pretty close to him. He was a good football coach and the skills taught by him were very useful for me in dealing various life situations and of course for playing many sports :)

At that time he asked one question to all of us and we all were standing one by one to answer that.

Question was

What is your ambition in life, What do you want to become ?

People started giving answers one by one and as ususal i was sitting on the last bench of class. People gave different answers from becoming doctors to great singers.
I want to be good citizen and a great sportsman
Full class stood silent listening to my answer , I don't know why I said that. My answer was more influenced by sports since we all were sports freak. If you don't find me in class you can find me in ground.


Today 16 Feb 2011 as I stand in my Office Volleyball court and I see 13 years back , how I fared and how I have dealt with life so far.

I feel all the life and sports have many things in common ,  they just require team work and taking right call at correct time.

Here are my thoughts on Life Lessons from Sports. Since today i am playing volley ball , most of my thoughts are influenced by that sport.

  • You have to move to play the ball , ball will not come to you always. Life will not throw opportunities direct to you , you have to move around take steps and make opportunities for yourself. Doing nothing and saying why i am not getting this , why i am not able to achieve this is not the right temperament. Move around as you see the ball , get under it and bang...give it a hit :)
  • It's not always required to be in.the.line of fire ,sometime just move away and let the ball go off the court this making fault of the other person and helping yourself. Many times we feel entering into arguments with others and most of the time its just your own waste of energy. I have often notice arguments never conclude and all of the parties feel they are right :)
  • Speak the.right things at the right moment , make the call that you are taking responsibility.Life is lot about team game. While playing in team take the call , say to your mates that you are going to handle this , the important lesson is to not let your ego to come into picture when asking others for help. Shout when you can't handle things or need some help. You will be happy to see lots and lots of people standing in around you to guide you , to help you to achieve your best.
  • There will always be rebound. The more hard ball will hit ground the more high it would rise. In the life we fall many times , we fail many times many times we get hurt. The real Sportsmanship is to stand up , take your turn again.
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To be continued ,  Because Life is going on :)