Remove third party application access to Google

Revoke access to third party app in Google account like gmail

I was not able to find it easily , ideally it would have been some link in My Account but some how i was not able to find.

After some search on internet i found this link

Add Skype button on your webpage or blog

Go to Skype website at

Enter your Skype username

Choose the type of button you want to display on your webpage

If you want to have status also displayed on your blog then choose buttons accordingly

In the preview see the button

Copy the HTML code which is shown in the text box


Now paste that code in your blog / webpage where you want to show that button

If you want to add it to Blogger then

  • Click on Layout
  • Add Gadgets at the location where you want to insert LinkedIn button
  • Select HTML/Javascript gadget
  • Add the code you copied from above
  • Save

One more thing

If your Skype button status does not work then you need to do following in Skype Software running on your computer

Go to

Tools > Options > Privacy

Check the box which says

Allow my online status to be shown on the web

Add LinkedIn button on your blog webpage

Below steps explain how to add the LinkedIn badge button onto your blog or webpage

  • Login to LinkedIn
  • On the top right , just near your name
  • Click on Settings

Below in Profile

  • Select Edit your Public Profile

On this page

  • Create your profile badge
  • Copy the HTML code for the button which you want to display on your webpage / blog


If you want to add it to Blogger then

  • Click on Layout
  • Add Gadgets at the location where you want to insert LinkedIn button
  • Select HTML/Javascript gadget
  • Add the code you copied from above
  • Save

Sqoop2 Build and Installation

Build and setup a Sqoop2 installation steps are documented at

If you want to use one click shell script to do above then you can copy the following code

Just save the code below in some shell script file say

chmod 777

Change the workspace_dir path below depending on where you want sqoop setup to take place.




# Change the path for workspace directory below
# And run the script
# After its complete you can start sqoop2 by going to http://localhost:8080/sqoop/
# For more details see

cd $workspace_dir
svn co
cd sqoop2
mvn install

cd ..
mkdir s2test
cd s2test

mkdir bin conf logs repository

cd ..
tar zxvf apache-tomcat-7.0.27.tar.gz
rm apache-tomcat-7.0.27.tar.gz
mv apache-tomcat-7.0.27 s2test/server

# Working directory is s2test created earlier
echo "export JAVA_OPTS=-Dsqoop.config.dir=$workspace_dir/s2test/conf" >> s2test/server/bin/
chmod +x s2test/server/bin/

echo "# File s2test/conf/
sqoop.config.provider=org.apache.sqoop.core.PropertiesConfigurationProvider" >> s2test/conf/

echo "
# File s2test/conf/
# Log4J system
org.apache.sqoop.log4j.appender.file.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{ISO8601} %-5p %c{2} [%l] %m%n

org.apache.sqoop.log4j.rootCategory=WARN, file

# Repository
org.apache.sqoop.repository.jdbc.password=$workspace_dir/s2test/logs/derbyrepo.log"  >> s2test/conf/

cp $workspace_dir/sqoop2/server/target/sqoop.war $workspace_dir/s2test/server/webapps/
rm -rf $workspace_dir/s2test/server/webapps/sqoop2/

Sqoop2 Architecture and current status

Sqoop is a tool which is used to transfer data to/from RDBMS systems from/to Hadoop HDFS.

Sqoop is undergoing is a major architectural change with discussions going on for Sqoop2 feature proposals.

A very good overview about what any why changes are needed in Sqoop is documented in the proposal at Apache wiki below.

You can also go through the Sqoop2 presentation

Current Status

The design discussions are being tracked at Sqoop Jira 365

Summary and goals for Sqoop2 architecture has been documented at Apache Sqoop wiki

Weekly meetings are being organized to discuss the progress of the work

The list of JIRAs against the task division is documented below

If you want to build and setup sqoop2 install then you can also read following