Save webpage for reading later

Often we find something interesting to read online and don't have time to read it at that moment.
We tend to bookmark those pages and we forget. I found this website it has apps for all devices from Android to iPad to pc mozilla FireFox.

Now whenever I come accross any website article which u want to read later I just click readitlater icon on my mozilla browser , or android mobile browser and it gets saved onto cloud server of the ReaditLater website.

Also I have Android app for the same installed which I use to fetch those pages and read whenever i am free.

The good part it also saves where I left reading during last reading session and the best part its all Free

Try it you would love it am sure.

What is US Debt crisis

US Government borrows money like any other government of the world to pay its bills for various expenditures.

US has limits to which the can borrow money and hence be under debt limit. The current limit for amount which can be borrowed is USD 14.3 trillion . The limit has been already reached in May 2011 and calls have been made to raise this limit. Since the limit has been already reached Government stopped payments for two pension schemes.

Now to raise this debt limit law has to be passed by US Congress , Republicans and Democrats have different views on how to deal with this problem.

Although both parties agree that debt has to be reduced some how , but Government want to raise straight away , and Republicans want first to think of decreasing debt and then think of talking on increasing debt limits

A very good summary of What is US debt crisis is present in Guardian website


Okay , I am a positive guy with habit to see things positively even if nothing is going right , I am presenting here few graphs which will tend to show some positive side of this all.

Various graphs are presented here to show , US is still largest pumping house of world . The need of the hour is to increase earnings , decrease useless spendings.

The graphs are more or less self explanatory



IBM 000-032 Cloud Computing exam

At last after long wait , I am giving IBM 000-032 exam next week. All things booked and I hope this time exam don't get cancelled.

I have prepared using the official IBM exam learning objectives. After my exam I will be writing in detail on how to prepare for IBM cloud computing solution advisor certification 000-032.

Wish me luck :)

The Football

As the football enters the ground the players starts kicking it from here and there without thinking if football wants to play with them or not.

The life of a fresher in Indian IT companies is just like football, the moment you enter it , the people from RMG would start kicking you to dump you in some project.

The project managers do their part kicking them, shifting them from one project to another without asking them; what their wish is? Irrespective of fact that people have affinity, liking for some technology the managers would kick you throw you wherever they want.

History repeated itself in front of me today; my manager shifted one of the fresher who recently joined our team. I was astonished by the ability to grasp things among both of these girls, working along with us on our deliveries within just 10 days of their joining.

I came to know while interacting with them about their Passion for web technologies and web development. But this doesn't matter to people up the ladder. For them we are just resource, a way to show our names and bill the customer for 9.5 hours.

I wish i could stop my manager to repeat this all over, I wish I could say not to do what time has done with me, not to do it with Alekhya. Let her stay and work for the things for which she is passionate about.

I wish i had brains to understand the managers, I wish my manager could look deep inside our heart to know what we want. I wish we were not just "The Football"

Scheduling content display in liferay

Liferay out of the box has provision to schedule display and expiry of the content

It means we can just set at what time to show particular content and when to take that off from website.

The time zone which is picked up by default is GMT , however you can set the portal time in portal properties.

In add or edit mode of content there is scheduling option, just select the time at which you want content to be shown.

Select never expire checkbox if you want content to never expire

If the content can expire ( for example some special Christmas offer valid for 2 days ) you specify expiry date and time after unchecking never expire checkbox.

Just take care of time zone settings and its pretty easy.