Install Canopy Python Bundle

Download the package from

Give execute permissions

chmod 777

Install it


It will ask to accept license aggreement

Press SPACE bar to go to end

Say yes i agree

Then it will ask for install location , give some depending on your choice

Or accept default

It will install the stuff

In the end it will ask location to download packages

Give some location depending on your choice


Lastly if you want to make canopy as default for .py files then choose yes

To Unistall Canopy

Remove the settings to make Canopy default for python

Remove entry from your bashrc

Delete the folder which was created when it installed.


A VirtualBox machine with the name already exists.


[master] Matching MAC address for NAT networking...
A VirtualBox machine with the name 'vm-cluster-node1' already exists.
Please use another name or delete the machine with the existing
name, and try again.


Check all registered VMs

jagat@nanak-P570WM:~/development/tools/vagrant/mesos$ vboxmanage list vms
"Learning Puppet VM (pe-3.0.1)" {b73ed355-b5a3-4587-b983-008c2c0d4fdb}
"vm-cluster-node1" {d94d4187-c827-499a-9588-2591bd0d996b}
"precise64" {ab66affc-f92b-4a4c-88e2-7bac4db4f3e2}

Delete the VMs which is giving error

VBoxManage unregistervm vm-cluster-node1 --delete
VBoxManage unregistervm precise64 --delete


How to Install Anaconda Python bundle

Download Anaconda now from

Go to directory where you downloaded

Give execute permissions to file

$chmod 777

Install it


It will ask where to install it

Give some meaning ful location depending on your choice

Then it will ask if you want to add bin path to baschrc , your choice to accept it or not.

I accepted it , at anytime you can remove it.

# added by Anaconda 1.7.0 installer
export PATH="/home/jagat/development/softwares/ml/anaconda/bin:$PATH"

Then you can start using Anaconda.

Update Anaconda by

$ conda update anaconda

Thats the good thing :)

Few other tutorials from Youtube

I am skipping part 2 , as its related to Installation on Windows.

Variables , Control Flow , Plotting

 Slicing , String Interpolation , Lists

Object Oriented Programming