The Magic Pencil

I had gifted each of my friends in B-Tech 2nd year (Dushyant , Deepna , Zeenia ) 3rd year group (IP , Saurav Batch..)one German made 0.5mm pencil. I felt that would be best gift for the student to use daily and which will be some token of love from my side to them.

I got this message from one of them…

Vo na i had to buy new pencil :) i have bought so many pencils even before and after you gave :) but Pata ni Kyun i can’t use any other except the one you gave..And every time i hold it , i remember you and think how can anybody be so nice :)..From strangers to Quiz to friends :) its really al positive with you…Secretly and without saying you taught a lot…Jut wanna be patient like you…

Closing thoughts….

The secret of life is to feel the happiness in giving to others , thinking about all the points which are important for people around you and making things happen which will bring ever lasting smile on there faces.Life is very beautiful…its all about keeping people around you happy.

I remember one famous quote

If you will keep people around you happy , then all those who are not with you will also come and join you.

The stay at GNDU was one of the best part of my life , i used , learned many of human relations skills which i had picked up from all here and there. Tried to use them to perfection and i can really say the results of this have been great and i will cherish these memories through my life. Thanks to almighty God for giving me chance to study at GNDU.

24th October 2009

Oho  smile_regular Thanku tn i should be to God ji..Pata u are really an inspiration for me..whenever me and ip are alone..we both often talk about u..smile_regular sometimes we all wish u were here with us..smile_regular