Dhan ne ona mawa de jigre jehde apne bacheya nu apne to door kise na kise sher , garaa padan naukari karan bhej dindiya ne...

Dhan ne o pyo Jo apne bacheya di taraki apne har khawaab nu piche chad , apne har load nu bhul us Dil de tukde layi kamm karde ne...

Dhan ne oh saare jawaak Jo apne maa di galwakdi chad ,  apne sab dost mitarr bhul apne khaba nu fadan kise anjaan raha te tur painde ne....

PSK New Passport Process

India government has started giving passports using new portal (www.passportindia.gov.in) , i wanted to get my passport reissue so went to the PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) Chandigarh for the same. Since for the new process not much information is present online ,  i just thought to jot down what i know. Sorry for this being a very long guide. I have divided the things into steps , you can visit anything which is suitable for you. This post explains what happens inside the PSK office.
You have to take appointment in advance online using the website and visit the PSK as per time given to you. Just visit 30 minutes early then your appointment time. The whole process ( upto 90% ) is handled by people from TCS and the rest 10% is handled by official sarkari babus ( You will feel the difference of attitude)
When you will go to PSK Chandigarh ( or any other) the guard at main gate will ask your appointment time and will allow you to enter after checking the printout of online application confirmation.
If you are applying in Tatkal ,  collect the declaration form from the Photostat guy , he will take 1 Rs for the same. You can also get your documents Photostat if required by paying the money.
Get documents checked
Stand in the first line ( from right) TCS people will check the documents / originals and ask you to show them all of them. They can ask you to complete any in compete documents if required , so better check before leaving from home that you have all documents. You can write mail to them helpdesk@passportindia.gov.in or call at 1800-258-1800 . If all the documents are correct you will be asked to go to next guy for getting Token
Get the token
Visit counter to get the token , if you have visited banks like ICICI the process is the same. Get the token , wait for your turn and go to required office people when your turn come. They will place your documents in file and given the token to you. On the token some number like N 56 , T 23 , W 34 etc is written depending upon in which category you are applying passport. ( N for normal , T for Tatkal , W for document service like PPC etc). Get your token and you are ready to go to next stage.
On the token counter number A > B > C > Exit have been marked . You have to visit all of these 4 counters . Don't confuse Exit is also one counter
Wait for your turn
In the waiting place find some seat and just watch those computer screens. On that token numbers and counter numbers are written . Just visit the same counter as and when your turn comes.
Getting Photographed and fees deposit ( Counter A)
Only at this counter you will be spending most of time , a pleasant smile will welcome you ( you are still in TCS zone) to sit and show your documents. The associate will check your documents and put them in sequence and attach them to file. You will be asked to pay the required fees. Also your photographed will be taken along with finger prints. Your documents will be scanned and saved in the computer. At the end you will be given your file and fees receipt ( you will need this later ) and you are ready to go to next person
Sarakari babu zone ( Counter B)
Just go to the same place where you were waiting earlier , just adjacent to that place there is one more LCD on which information for going to sarkari babu counters will be shown. Just don't worry TCS people will be there to assist you as and when required. After waiting for sometime again your turn will come and you will meet the verifying officer. Officer will check all what has been done by TCS guys and approve it , if all is set.
For my application he objected for something , and i visited APO ( Area Passport Officer ) to resolve the same. Thanks for TCS team cooperation only because of you guys it was done.
Final Sarkari check (Counter C)
The sarkari babu will make final check and finally approve your application.
Exit counter
The Exit counter is again handled by TCS people so smile can welcome you , don't be astonished if you get it. :) , he will just see the fees receipt and finally a acknowledgement will be issued to you giving summary of your application process.
That's it , your application is done and you can track your passport application online at or by calling passport office helpdesk at 1800-258-1800 also.
It was great experience , totally opposite to what i had last time in passport office Chandigarh 34 sector. The process is new , its great. Kudos to people behind the project. I am sure this will be of great help for all of us when its available for people all around India.

 For TCS :
If you are from TCS reading this for feedback , my first thought . Just awesome work by your team. The whole experience was just great to get passport application being processed.
Just one suggestion in those LCD displays make those columns of counter number and token number of separate colors its very confusing at the initial stage when you look at it. I was able to figure out only after some time how to read the information. 4 columns of same color and of similar types of fonts is not very usable
A brief overview about process like the one i have written when i enter the passport office / or on official website would be great. Just give the customer one printout or brief them what they will be going through. It will given them truly WOW experience.
And yes i would love to move to this project , i also work for TCS please if you can refer me for this project it shall be great :)

Your comments and questions are welcome , i shall try to answer them if i know.

PSK Chandigarh map
Passport Seva Kendra (PSK Chandigarh) Address
Plot No - 50, Adarsh Lifestyle Mall, II, Industrial Area, Chandigarh Phone : 0172—2639586
To reach it , just drop at Tribune chownk , there is Punjab Roadways workshop just beside the workshop there is one lane , go ahead and walk for 2-3 minutes you will see passport office board. Don't take Rickshaw its just 2 minutes walk.

Update on my passport
Applied on Monday , dispatched next day on Tuesday . So got it by Speed post in next two days. Overall i was very happy with this new service.

And the journey begins

The following post is part of my previous post based on my trip to home.
1) Long awaited vacation

Second part starts here...

With a ride on cab I reached secunderabad station and I was early by hour . Cab guy drove like supersonic jet. I don't know why India don't have people in ferrari racing . Take some cab guys , besides winning the race they will for sure make some extra money by giving lifts to people on racetrack.

As luggage was huge I moved slowly towards platform 10 to reach place where Duronto was dressed in perfect green field patches , smiling all the way inviting people for the ride : a ride towards the heart of India , Dili.

As I was roaming I saw the full gang of school kids of kendriya vidyalya tirumalgiri moving in line . Watching them I understood todays journey was going to be fun filled.

All of them were in the school dress , moving in the line loaded with huge baggage the weight of whom was beyond their own weights. The girls must have packed all of their beautiful dresses and now guys have to pay for the same. Must be beautiful time for these kids , I was talking to myself thinking my own school time and college trip days and then suddenly one of master shouted at kids to maintain discipline and broke my flash back in past.

Students were giving calls to parents , "Papa station pahunch gaye hain"  , just checking where are they , so that they can get final see offs from parents. Slowly parents were flocking the station giving last minute tips for the journey.

The train had entered the platform and hustle bustle was picking up to occupy the seats in the train. The beauty of Duronto has always amazed me . Its green look with all patterns reminds me of fields back in Punjab. 

I entered my allocated train cab and not to my wonder the seats were already full . I just placed my luggage where i could find place and came out. The whole train was overtaken by the kids asking teachers "sir meri seat kaha hai , madam hum window seat par baith jaye? , asked another girl " . I could feel the excitement which students were having for the trip.

The teachers had photocopies of i-tickets pasted on plain A4 papers and those papers were almost 100 , each one having two tickets. I was thinking about amount of hard work teachers do , seeing the elegance in which tickets were securely pasted on those A4 papers.
We as students can never repay debt of teachers , very very very lucky are those people who get blessed with good guru. A teacher sacrifice their own life , leaving good paying jobs to teach the kids.Behind the success of anyone there are two things A) A good guidance B) Hardwork. These two things can make wonders to happen.
Back live....

Quickly i asked one of the teacher passing by me about where are the kids going , she was very soft spoken and told me that they are going on trekking trip to Manali. Every year we take students from 8-12 of the school to summer trekking camps " she added. I thought to let her go now seeing that she was bit busy adjusting students , who were spread in all sleeper cabs.

I saw that some senior teacher of the school was trying to adjust things , so i just told him to finish off the checking that all children are boarding the train and then we can sort the seat for me..

The train was getting impatient , her whistle was showing  her eagerness to run all the way down to delhi .Teachers quickly checked outside that none of the students was outside on platform , with the third whistle train started crawling down on platform and the journey begins....

A vacation long awaited

The following post is part of long series based on my trip to home.

After a long time of six months , I am going tommorow to my home.

Packing done? The excitement of going home can't be seen in me , Neelima said.

I don't know why it was , lot has been going in my mind probably due to future worries about carrier. This is not typical me , normally I don't take much tension for anything.

Packing yes almost done rest I would complete tonight , I replied and again was lost in the work.

Neelima is the most humble person in our team of 60 , she can be considered as F1 key for people like me. Moment you call her for any thing she reach your cubicle without slightest of noise , which can tell you her presence. And then again when you turn around to call second time , much to your embarasment to know she is standing right behind you since long... such is the magical Neelima , a girl with magical stick for all your queries.

I completed my work , analysis of three tasks allocated to our team and one of task about snmp agent given by surya. Before leaving I told salma about all facts about prontos and for snmp enquired hanumantha , as most of time these guys talk in telgu which I don't pick. Anyways English translation I got from him and showed my findings to Vishi before leaving for the day

My last day in office before vacations was over...as clock face was smiling at 6:40 :)