And the journey begins

The following post is part of my previous post based on my trip to home.
1) Long awaited vacation

Second part starts here...

With a ride on cab I reached secunderabad station and I was early by hour . Cab guy drove like supersonic jet. I don't know why India don't have people in ferrari racing . Take some cab guys , besides winning the race they will for sure make some extra money by giving lifts to people on racetrack.

As luggage was huge I moved slowly towards platform 10 to reach place where Duronto was dressed in perfect green field patches , smiling all the way inviting people for the ride : a ride towards the heart of India , Dili.

As I was roaming I saw the full gang of school kids of kendriya vidyalya tirumalgiri moving in line . Watching them I understood todays journey was going to be fun filled.

All of them were in the school dress , moving in the line loaded with huge baggage the weight of whom was beyond their own weights. The girls must have packed all of their beautiful dresses and now guys have to pay for the same. Must be beautiful time for these kids , I was talking to myself thinking my own school time and college trip days and then suddenly one of master shouted at kids to maintain discipline and broke my flash back in past.

Students were giving calls to parents , "Papa station pahunch gaye hain"  , just checking where are they , so that they can get final see offs from parents. Slowly parents were flocking the station giving last minute tips for the journey.

The train had entered the platform and hustle bustle was picking up to occupy the seats in the train. The beauty of Duronto has always amazed me . Its green look with all patterns reminds me of fields back in Punjab. 

I entered my allocated train cab and not to my wonder the seats were already full . I just placed my luggage where i could find place and came out. The whole train was overtaken by the kids asking teachers "sir meri seat kaha hai , madam hum window seat par baith jaye? , asked another girl " . I could feel the excitement which students were having for the trip.

The teachers had photocopies of i-tickets pasted on plain A4 papers and those papers were almost 100 , each one having two tickets. I was thinking about amount of hard work teachers do , seeing the elegance in which tickets were securely pasted on those A4 papers.
We as students can never repay debt of teachers , very very very lucky are those people who get blessed with good guru. A teacher sacrifice their own life , leaving good paying jobs to teach the kids.Behind the success of anyone there are two things A) A good guidance B) Hardwork. These two things can make wonders to happen.
Back live....

Quickly i asked one of the teacher passing by me about where are the kids going , she was very soft spoken and told me that they are going on trekking trip to Manali. Every year we take students from 8-12 of the school to summer trekking camps " she added. I thought to let her go now seeing that she was bit busy adjusting students , who were spread in all sleeper cabs.

I saw that some senior teacher of the school was trying to adjust things , so i just told him to finish off the checking that all children are boarding the train and then we can sort the seat for me..

The train was getting impatient , her whistle was showing  her eagerness to run all the way down to delhi .Teachers quickly checked outside that none of the students was outside on platform , with the third whistle train started crawling down on platform and the journey begins....

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