Installing Pig ( Apache Hadoop Pig)

Apache Pig can be downloaded from

Download the latest release from its website

Unzip the downloaded tar file

Set the environment variables in your system as

export PIG_HOME="/home/hadoop/software/pig-0.9.2"
export PATH=$PATH:$PIG_HOME/bin

Set the place where you downloaded pig and also set its path

If you plan to run Pig on hadoop cluster then one additional variable needs to be set

export PIG_CLASSPATH="/home/hadoop/software/hadoop-1.0.1/conf"

It tells about the place where to look for hdfs-site.xml and other configuration files for hadoop

Restart your computer

Thats it , now lets test the installation

On the command prompt


# pig -h

it shoud show the help related to Pig , and its various commands.

Done :) ,

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