Katya karoon lyrics meaning

I was asked by my Non punjabi friends about meaning of Katya karoon , the famous song from Rockstar . Thought to translate full.

Kateya Karoon is an old punjabi folk song- The women in old days used to make cotton on the spinning feel . Still this is common time pass in villages but not in cities.  Group of ladies join and sing , talk things of here and there.

Often they sing for for their husbands or lovers..

Following is the detailed analysis

Ting ling ling ling ting ling ling ling >>>> Punjabi rhyme sort of kids do this often
Ting ling ling ling ting ling ling

Kateya karoon kateya karoon >>>> I will spin the cotton wheel ,

Tera roon kateya karoon >>>> Girl is saying to his beloved i will spin your cotton >>> roon means cotton
Tera roon tera roon tera roon roon roon roon roooon  >>>> tera means yours
Saari raati kateya karun  >>> I spin your cotton all night >>>> literal means in your thoughts all night
Kateya karoon kateya karoon
Sari raati kateya karoon
Saara din sochhan vich langhda >>>>> The entire day is spent in this thought
Tere lai hun jiyun te marun  >>>>> I shall live and die for you
Eh tan mera charkha hove  >>>>> My body will be the spinning wheel
Hove ulfat yaar di chittaa roon   >>>>>> And let the love of my beloved be pure cotton
Nachdi phiroon tapdi phiroon >>>>> Let me dance let me fly jumping all around
Keeli mai napdi phiroon >>> Let me be in ecstasy , full speed no stop :P   >>>>> keeli napdi phiroon is often used in punjabi to do things fast
Hadh karoon, hadh karoon >>>>  Crossing all boundaries all barriers
Hadh karoon roon roon roon rooooon
Yaara bulle luteya karoon  >>>>>  I will enjoy full

Mainu darr hun naiyo jag da  >>>>>> Now I dont fear this world
Tere lai hun jiyun te maroon   >>>>> I shall live and die for you
Mai saari raat kateya kateya karoon....




The one more thing which you might be interested

In song Nadaan parindey there are few lines written by Sheik farid who was
a 12th-century Sufi preacher and saint of the Chishti Order of South Asia.

IF you listen song below from time 4.06 min

You can listen following lines

The original lines are as follows  ( In Punjabi with english translation)




English transliteration

kaga karang dhandolya sagla khaya maas

eh do naina mat chuho pir dekhan ki aas

The image below says all about feelings behind these original lines. 




Although film people have copied and modified the lines to make suitable for the film but

i just wanted to share the original person behind those lovely lines

The bani ( text ) written by Sheik farid has been incorporated into Guru Granth Sahib ( the holy book of Sikhs)