Life is all about what you have done to bring smiles on faces of your loved ones , as i see behind here is what i have been doing



13 Dec 2010

NA everybdy does smthng jst for special ones :) ur multitalented :) really have never seen a person like you before :) who cares so much for everybody  :)


1 April 2010

Haha ..u will never quit cracking jokes thats d thing which makes u so popular…


17 April 2010

Tusi na inteligent man :) impressed me by the way u caught me up in one meetin only…:)


16 Nov 2009

He wrote correct :) nooone can beat u :) :) u are just one and only one :) the ultimate adorable superb person :)


16 Nov 2009

Thanks for making me feel special :) Waise was thinking act mood was not good today so was low but now me at high spirits ..all on you sir :) nobody can beat you :)


1 Nov 2009

Very brilliant :) :) :) :) :) haha :) :) tusi na unique ho :) ek dam tip top :) :) God bless u hamesha :) :)


18 May 2009

Thank You sir , We are Lucky to have you in our life :)


15 May 2009

Jo jagah apne hm sab ke dil me bnai hai use kbhi koi replace nai kar skta ..plz dnt tk it pump…seriously lv u a lot…


12 May 2009

Hor kina padna hai tusi . Master ji tusi ho jo sanu guide karde ho te padhde vi ho :) Lucky to have you in my life :) Thanks for being so nice wonderful dude…


is se aur itne caring sir maine aaj tak nahi dekhe . Ur so nice that i pray to God to grant ur every wish ….


27 Apr 2009

Your sophisticated jokes are ultimate….:) that really bring smile on my face….:)

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